rDEX V2 Bug Bounty

rDEX V2 Key Features

rDEX is very important for StaFi protocol’s staking derivative eco as the decentralized trading platform for all the rTokens. rDEX V2 has the following new features:

1.Trading rTokens against base tokens

Compared with rDEX V1, rDEX V2 supports trading between rTokens issued on StaFiHub and the base token.

2.Continuous Liquidity

rDEX is an automated market maker DEX to provide continuous liquidity for rTokens by utilizing Thorchain’s CLP market maker model.

3.Lower Slippage

rDEX ensures low slippage for small and medium-sized transactions by using the fee model based on slippage.

4.Asymmetrical Deposit

Unlike the majority of cryptocurrency liquidity pools, rDEX users can provide liquidity by depositing one token or two tokens asymmetrically.

Bug Bounty

Function Test

1.Testing Period

5/7/2022 — 20/7/2022​​

2.Testing Guide


3.Testing Task

  • Add liquidity for rATOM/ATOM and rIRIS/IRIS pairs

  • Remove Liquidity for rATOM/ATOM and rIRIS/IRIS pairs

  • Swap rATOM to ATOM and rIRIS to IRIS

  • Swap ATOM to rATOM and IRIS to rIRIS

  • Stake rATOM/ATOM and rIRIS/IRIS LP tokens

  • Unstake rATOM/ATOM and rIRIS/IRIS LP tokens

  • Claim the rewards

4.Functional Bug Bounty

You can submit any functional bugs that have not been reported yet and suggestions related to rDEX (StaFiHub Chain) by completing the above testing tasks. Please explain the bugs and suggestions in detail and send an email to support@stafi.io with the corresponding screenshots before submitting.

The StaFi team will evaluate and confirm the functional bugs. If adopted, rewards from 10 USDT to 1000 USDT will be awarded to the reporter.

Code Vulnerability Testing

1.Test Content



  • Critical: Abnormal function, ineffective function, or security breach, etc.

  • Moderate: Defects that do not affect the function, non-security issues, such as the room for optimization, performance improvement, etc.

  • Low: Unimportant issues, some minor issues that can be modified during updates, such as modifying text or notes.

Outside the scope of the bounty program:

  • Repeated reports on security issues, including security issues that have been confirmed by the StaFi team.

  • Theoretical security issues without pragmatic application scenarios, or issues that require complex user-interactions.


  • It must be a newly discovered bug(s) that has/have not been reported before

  • The bug(s) found must be related to security issues in StaFi GitHub page code, but not other third-party code

  • Have not written any codes of StaFi around the bug(s), and have not participated in any process that generated the bug(s) of StaFi in other ways

  • Public disclosure will make you lose your bounty

  • The StaFi team reserves the right to make the final decision on eligibility for the event and all rewards

4.Bounty Rules

The bounty will be issued in the form of FIS, and the amount will depend on the severity of the bugs found.

In addition to severity, the bounty amount will be determined (but not limited to) by other factors including:

  • The accuracy and details of the bug description

  • The quality of reproducibility, such as test code, scripts, and detailed instructions

5.Submission Method

When you find a bug(s), please send a report to: support@stafi.io

Please attach your name, email, company name (optional), description of the bug(s), your opinion on what is the potential impact of that bug on StaFi rDEX V2, and how you discovered that bug.

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