With rDEX V2(testnet), StaFiHub users can trade the rTokens issued on StaFiHub against the base token, like rATOM against ATOM, and not the rATOM against FIS token on StaFi Chain. We think that this new feature will greatly improve the capital efficiency of liquidity providers and create a friendly arbitrage mechanism to help peg the rToken trading price with the real on-chain exchange rate. For now, rDEX V2 testnet supports 2 trading pairs: rATOM/ATOM and rIRIS/IRIS.

rDEX is very important for StaFi protocol’s staking derivative eco as the decentralized trading platform for all the rTokens. rDEX V2 has the following new features:

1.Trading rTokens against base tokens: Compared with rDEX V1, rDEX V2 supports trading between rTokens issued on StaFiHub and the base token.

2.Continuous Liquidity: rDEX is an automated market maker DEX to provide continuous liquidity for rTokens by utilizing Thorchain’s CLP market maker model.

3.Lower Slippage: rDEX ensures low slippage for small and medium-sized transactions by using the fee model based on slippage.

4.Asymmetrical Deposit: Unlike the majority of cryptocurrency liquidity pools, rDEX users can provide liquidity by depositing one token or two tokens asymmetrically.

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